Assistance to Survivors of Trafficking in Persons

IOM Indonesia provides individualised, tailored assistance to survivors in coordination with government and civil society partners.  Since 2005, IOM Indonesia has assisted more than 9,000 victims of trafficking, from which 69% were females and 31% were males. 

In 2015, IOM Indonesia with Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and Task Force 115 provided direct assistance to 1,342 fishers were were identified as victims of trafficking in Benjina, Ambon, and Pontianak.   

As the first step of assistance, IOM Indonesia conducts victim identification screening to understand whether the individual is a victim of trafficking and more importantly to ascertain necessary assistance for the individual.  

Tailored recovery assistance includes medical check-up, medical treatment, psychosocial support, mental health care support, and temporary shelter will be provided through referral mechanism to relevant government and non-government service providers. 

Reintegration assistance is pivotal for survivors of trafficking to help them re-adapt with the social environment and further protect them from re-victimization due to vulnerable economic situation.  IOM Indonesia provides reintegration support in form of education, vocational training, livelihood, income generating activities, and legal assistance.