Resettlement Assistance 

Resettlement is a sometimes unrecognized yet compelling instrument and symbol of international solidarity to find a durable solution for refugees who are unable to return to their country of origin for fear of continued persecution and do not have the option to stay in their country of asylum.

For those claiming asylum and granted refugee status by the UNHCR, IOM Indonesia provides resettlement assistance to third countries by working closely with governments, the UNHCR, non-government organizations and other partners.  Under cooperative agreements with the third countries, IOM implements resettlement services including case processing, health assessments, pre-departure orientation and movement.  Upon arrival, resettlement countries provide refugees with legal and physical protection, including access to civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights similar to those enjoyed by nationals. Most refugees eventually become naturalized citizens of their country of resettlement.

IOM does not participate in the Refugee Status Determination (RSD) process. IOM does not identify or propose refugees for consideration to potential resettlement countries.

Between 2011-2018, IOM Indonesia assisted the resettlement of 5,691 refugees from various countries identified for resettlement by UNCHR.

Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR)

Through its AVRR programme, IOM assists migrants who are wishing to return home to their countries of origin. 

The successful implementation of AVRR programme requires the cooperation and participation of a broad range of actors, including the migrants, civil society, the Government of Indonesia and the government of countries of origin.  

IOM does not participate in deportations. 

From 2011-2022, 6,573 individuals were assisted to return to their home country through AVRR programme.