Timor Tengah Utara Regency's Commitment to Address Trafficking in Person Cases through the Established Referral Mechanism

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) Indonesia conducted a dissemination activity on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on Integrated Services for Victims of Trafficking in the Timor Tengah Regency on 25 January 2022. This event was convened in collaboration with the Timor Tengah Utara Regency Government through the Labour and Transmigration Office (DISNAKER) as part of the activity under the Increasing Efforts to Prosecute People Trafficking and Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Persons (AMPUH) project. 

This activity was attended by 29 participants from the Anti-Trafficking Task Force (ATTF) representing various government institutions, including non-governmental organizations, paralegals, and the media. This event aimed to disseminate and socialize the Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection Regulation Number 8 of 2021 concerning the SOP on Integrated Services for Victims of Trafficking. In addition, this coordination meeting was also conducted to evaluate the handling of TIP cases of the ATTF in Timor Tengah Utara for the past year. 

On that occasion, Eny Rofiatul, National Project Officer IOM Indonesia, admitted that according to the report received by the service providers, during the pandemic shows an increase in the number of TIP cases. This is due to the loss of jobs during the pandemic which have caused a significant impact on the ability to fullfill the economic needs of the households. This condition is then used by the traffickers to lure their target by promoting job opportunities through social media and the internet.  

Ratna Susianawati, Deputy of Women's Rights Protection at the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection, expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the commitment of the local government to prevent violence against women and children, including victims of trafficking (VOT). "The SOP on Integrated Services for Victims of Trafficking is the national guideline that can be adjusted or contextualized in accordance with the readiness of the referral mechanism system of the local government," she added. 

Meanwhile, the Regent of Timor Tengah Utara, represented by the Assistant for Economics & Development, Mr. Ferdinandus Lio, S.IP, said, "the Regency Government of Timor Tengah Utara appreciates IOM Indonesia for facilitating the coordination meeting among ATTF members. This coordination meeting is important to identify the needs and gaps in fulfilling victims' rights". He also emphasized that TIP cases are a very serious problem; therefore, strong cooperation is needed between government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and civil society to respond the cases. 

After the opening session, the event was continued by sessions from Mr Aresi Armin Uksmono, the representative of Deputy for Women's Rights Protection, Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection. He explained the SOP on Integrated Services for Witnesses and/or Victims consists of six primary services based on the referral mechanism namely complaint/identification, health rehabilitation, social rehabilitation, legal assistance, repatriation procedures, social reintegration, as well as coordination for monitoring, evaluation and reporting. 

The participants were very enthusiastic and actively involved in the discussion during the coordination meeting. They share their insights and suggestions and asked important questions during the session. For example, Mr. Kanisius Nino, a Paralegal of Bife Amnaut Kuan Timor Tengah Utara Foundation, shared his experience in challenges he encountered in identifying the victim of trafficking if the victim was still located in the destination country.  

Mr. Primus Tan, the Head of the Special Crime Section of the Timor Tengah Utara Regency Police Resort appreciated the support provided by IOM to the ATTF Timor Tengah Utara. He also said "We hope that IOM can provide an expert to facilitate the meeting between the police and the Prosecutor's Office because there are different views in handling the TIP cases." 

In the final session, Mr. Antonius Amfotis, Secretary of the Manpower and Transmigration Office of Timor Tengah Utara  Regency, facilitated the meeting to agree on the recommendations and commitments of the ATTF to provide solid responses to the prevention of TIP cases and protection of the VOTs through the available referral mechanism in Timor Tengah Utara Regency. Participants were actively involved in the discussion and expressed their commitments by signing the joint commitment document. The meeting was concluded by Mr. Frids Nino, the Secretary of the Office for Women's Empowerment and Child Protection, Timor Tengah Utara, and he emphasized, "In terms of TIP handling cases, there must be good collaboration between law enforcement agencies and services providers to ensure the victims could receive victim-based approach services and access to justice".  


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