IOM together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs launch the Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) for the Republic of Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia - On Monday, 3 April 2023, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Indonesia in collaboration with the Directorate of Socio- Cultural and International Organizations for Developing Countries (Sosbud OINB) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a kick-off inter-ministerial coordination meeting to launch the rollout of the Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) in Indonesia. The event was attended by 51 participants representing 17 ministries and agencies responsible for governing migration issues in Indonesia. In the context of the recent international frameworks and commitments on migration and sustainable development, the MGI is a uniquely comprehensive tool comprising 98 indicators which assess national migration governance that can help countries establish a baseline and monitor progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as they relate to their national migration governance. IOM together with the Economist Impact have supported 100 countries and 70 local jurisdictions in developing their MGI, ensuring that no migrant is left behind.

The meeting was opened by Ms. Penny Dewi Herasati, Director of Social Culture and International Organizations for Developing Countries (Sosbud OINB) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Jeffrey Labovitz, Chief of Mission of IOM Indonesia. On this occasion, the Director of Sosbud OINB emphasized "The importance of MGI to examine Indonesia's various positive achievements in migration management and introduce them to the international community as part of Indonesia's commitment to implementing the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM)".

Mr. Labovitz also added that "one of the ways to ensure robust migration policy is to ensure a strong evidence-base across all elements of migration. The migration governance indicators are one such tool to guide countries in identifying good practices, as well as areas with potential for further development and enhancement for developing migration governance structures through the project." Indonesia will conduct one national MGI assessment and one local MGI assessment. The data obtained through these assessments will be published on the Migration Data Portal managed by IOM. In addition, these indicators will also be useful for the Government of Indonesia for the development of migration governance in the future. This activity is part of the UN joint programme Migration Governance for Sustainable Development in Indonesia (2022-2023) funded by the Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MMPTF) which aims to enhance migration governance in Indonesia by supporting government capacities in evidence-based, gender responsive migration management at national and sub-national levels.

Guided by Facilitators representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IOM’s Global Research and Data Analysis Centre in Berlin, IOM’s headquarters and IOM Indonesia, this hybrid activity discussed the details of the MGI indicators that will be used in mapping migration governance in Indonesia. This coordination meeting focused on identifying Ministries and Agencies related to MGI topics. This formulation of the actor map will be used as a reference for forming special FGD clusters for further mapping and data collection. FGDs for data collection are planned to be held in May 2023.


For further information about this programme, please contact Diah Zahara, National Programme Officer of Migration Governance at IOM Indonesia, email:, or for an interview request, please contact Josephine Imelda, Tel: +62 813 1869 3599, Email:


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