Central Java Government and NGOs provide input to Focus Group Discussion on Local Migration Governance Indicators

The International Organization for Migration, in collaboration with the Manpower and Transmigration Department of Central Java Province as the regional facilitator, organized a hybrid Focus Group Discussion on the Local Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) Assessment on Monday, 18th September 2023. The assessment focused on Central Java Province, one of the main sending regions for Indonesian Migrant Workers. This province is also recognized for having a comprehensive migration policy that is benchmarked against Indonesia's local standards. The FGD involved 121 participants from 58 agencies at the provincial and local levels, 2 ministries, representatives of NGOs, schools and local hospitals. 

During the opening session, Penny Dewi Herasati, Director of Socio-Cultural Affairs and International Organization for Developing Countries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, "The preparation of this MGI is a good opportunity to strengthen the synergy between agencies and can also serve as a forum for self-reflection for the regional and national levels to understand how well our current migration policy is and to ensures that we can achieve maximum coordination and synergy between ministries and institutions” 

Zanariah, Director of Synchronization of Local Government Affairs IV, Ministry of Home Affairs, emphasized, “The protection of migrants requires cooperation and synergy both at the regional and national levels. And, of course, horizontally between agencies at regional and national levels."  

Arif Sambodo, Administrative Assistant of the Regional Secretariat of Central Java Province said, “The MGI assessment is a crucial moment for the local government to perceive various lessons learned and best practices of migration governance, as well as to understand the areas that need improvement.” 

The meeting gathered information to appraise the 76 indicators in six domains of migration governance at the local level. Each indicator was thoroughly assessed in collaboration with previously identified local stakeholders. The assessment involved determining whether the migration indicators had been met, with options including "yes," "no," or "partially," followed by justification in terms of regulation, program, or best practices where necessary. This assessment will highlight 3 - 5 indicators per domain based on the relevance and best practices to be included in the local MGI report. 

The Local MGI activities will continue with a further multi-stakeholder consultation and report publication. The consultation will take place in October 2023, while the report publication is expected to be published by the end of November 2023. 

This FGD on Local MGI assessment was part of the joint programme on Migration Governance for Sustainable Development in Indonesia funded by the Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MMPTF) implemented by IOM. This project aims to strengthen migration governance in Indonesia by supporting government capacities in evidence-based migration and gender-responsiveness at national and sub-national levels. 



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