Access to education is a fundamental right irrespective of the child’s nationality.  Accordingly, for the refugee and asylum seeker children receiving assistance from IOM, improving access to formal education and learning opportunities for children displaced from their homes is a top priority for IOM and its local government partners including mayor’s offices, local departments of education, and departments of social protection. 

Beyond advocating for improved access to private and public schools, IOM held regular educational activities for the refugee and asylum seeker children under IOM care, including through homeschooling, language lessons, thematic education, early childhood education, as it continues towards access to formal education.  IOM also organized computer literacy classes and other vocational training courses for youth and adult refugees. 

IOM also supported community learning centers where adult refugee volunteers (including those with formal teacher training from their home countries) teach their younger counterparts. Subjects instructed in these centers include language courses, mathematics, science, and social science. 

To support social cohesion between the refugees and the host communities, IOM also supported Bahasa Indonesia courses for refugees.