• Nabila Celebrates International Women's Day


    Nabila (not her real name) was worried. It was raining in torrents. Raindrops solidly pelted on the food tent.

  • Suwandono: A Police Frontliner in Bali


    The man is stocky-built, slightly tall for Indonesian, golden-brownish skin, with a thin moustache and perpetual

  • Rapid Emergency Response: Sinabung and Kelud


    The Pacific Ring of Fire is a region of intense volcanic and seismic activity, stretching in a horse-shoe shape covering 40,000 square kilometers and more than 15 countries, with about 75% of the world’s active and dormant volcanoes.

  • Reintegration Program Empowers the Victims of Trafficking


    Early in the morning, Fasilah, a 22 year old college student was feeding the chickens in a poultry farm and teaching children at the day care center along with other residents of Tracap village, Wonosobo.

  • IOM to Host Validation Workshops for SAFE Migration Project


    As one of the components for a regional labour migration project entitled “Strengthening Labour Migration Management Capacities in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines for Replication in Other Colombo Process Member States Project”, IOM’s Counter Trafficking & Labour Migration Uni