IOM Indonesia and the Indonesian National Police School for Senior Leadership


On 4 July 2014, IOM Indonesia held its second 1-day introductory course instruction on Human Smuggling and Other Transnational Crimes – to senior police officers currently enrolled in the Indonesian National Police School for Senior Leadership (Sespimti).   Sespimti is a department under the Indonesian National Police Educational Institution (Lemdikpol), and  is the primary training ground for future police generals. 

Matriculation in the Sespimti is exclusively for high-level police officers with the rank of   Police Grand Commissioner (Kombes).  

Acting as IOM lead instructors were Gaut Pangasihan, Nurul Qoriah and Nabiel Hayaze – covering the thematic areas of:  human smuggling, counter-trafficking, and community policing.   

In addition to IOM’s participation in the Sespimti curriculum, IOM Indonesia renders regular classroom instruction to a few other INP educational institutions:  (a)  the INP Criminal Investigation Training Center (Pusdik Reskrim); (b)  INP School for Middle-Rank Officers (Sespimmen); (c)  the INP Officers’ School (Setukpa), and (d)  the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC).