DINSOS Stabat: A Government Model Shelter for Unaccompanied Minors (UAMs) in Indonesia


IOM has been working closely with the Medan Provincial Social Service agency (Dinsos) to operate Dinsos Stabat – a UAM shelter in Langkat, North Sumatera - since 2013. Fully run and managed by a 10-person team of Dinsos Stabat social workers and mentors, the facility provides basic humanitarian services, age-appropriate counseling, advanced health promotion, recreation programmes, as well as various psychosocial activities covering life skills and non-formal education activities. As of this writing, about 15% of Dinsos Stabat resident UAMs have been resettled.

DINSOS Stabat is about 43 km from the city center, with a main building that consists of 22 sleeping quarters and has the capacity to house 44 UAMs. A separate smaller building inside the shelter compound, can house an additional 4 UAMs. The shelter emits a relaxed atmosphere, with a courtyard, a common lounge, a private counseling room, and several classrooms for activities and learning courses.

Dinsos Stabat is a very clear manifestation of Indonesia’s compliance to its obligations as a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child - and as mirrored in Art. 59 of Indonesian Law No. 23 year 2009 on Child Protection which states that “the government or an authorized state institution shall be responsible and accountable for providing special protection to children in emergency situations as well as children in conflict with the law”