Community Housing Facilities in Indonesia


For the past 13 years, IOM Indonesia has been at the forefront in supporting the Indonesian Government’s continuing efforts to promote alternatives to detention for refugees and smuggled migrants. The Government’s ratification of the Smuggling Protocol in 2009, and prevailing relevant Indonesian national laws and regulations, provide the backdrop for Indonesia’s directions, in this regard.

As of end-August 2014, about 2,599 migrants under IOM care reside in 42 community housing facilities, spread out in about 6 provinces, nationwide. These facilities generally house refugees and asylum-seekers, as well as other vulnerable migrants such as women, children, older persons, and persons with disabilities. The ratio between male to female migrants in accommodation is 10 : 3, while adult accounts for 67% of the overall population.


Community housing facilities range from low-cost housing compounds, low-cost boarding houses, to low-cost hotels. Set up as integrated facilities in local communities, each community house has a range of amenities as well as facility maintenance services for decent basic living conditions. For common areas, there are kitchens and play/lounge areas. These facilities are located within convenient distances to public transport, local markets, and local medical services. In addition, IOMalso extends support in facilitating non-formal education and vocational activities for migrants in these facilities.