IOM Indonesia Candlelight Vigil


Six IOM offices across roughly 4000kms of Indonesia have held a candlelight vigil to remember thousands of migrants’ life which lost during their journey in search of a safe haven marking the International Migrants Day, Dec 18. Together we paused to reflect on the tragic loss of so many ordinary people seeking safety and a better life for themselves and their families.

This candlelight reflects our solidarity toward migrants in this country as well as all migrants all over the world for the lost of their loved ones. We want to make sure that their struggle were not wasted nor forgotten, and IOM committed to save migrants lives and assist them in any way we can.  


IOM staff in Medan, Indonesia and vulnerable migrants from a Muslim minority in Myanmar who arrived by boat in May 2015 with a poignant candlelight ceremony along with colleagues from UNHCR. IOM staff along with Chief of Mission in Indonesia’s capital city to remind the challenges faced by all communities in the 21st century. IOM staff in Tangerang, Banten wish to remember migrants’ battle in searching for a better life and safety.
IOM staff in Bali, Indonesia have come together with migrants receiving assistance from the organization to mark International Migrants Day today with a candlelight vigil. International Migrants Day marked in Makassar, Indonesia, recalling 4700 migrants who've died in 2016
International Migrants Day marked in Kupang, eastern Indonesia with a solemn vigil